Sunday, 27 October 2013

Uncharted Waters

I recently decided to theme the second half of my art journal as "Uncharted Waters". While browsing the internet for themes this one leapt out at me - so much potential and so much imagery from oceans, ships,  pirates and mermaids to the healing power of water. There was also the idea of doing things I hadn't done before, pushing the boundaries and exploring. So exciting.
 Page one of themed section
of journal
The theme seems to be following me around as potential change arises in my every day life allowing me opportunties to embark on said uncharted waters...funny how that happens.
As for my art, well, yesterday I went for a medium I have been wanting to work with and hadn't gotten round to. Perhaps lack of time and also a lack on confidence. Here are day 1's results :)

Square canvas

 Rectangular canvas board

 I am so excited about this new way of working and have plans to keep exploring, keep pushing myself and ventured into the unknown. It's fantastic when you feel as if all your previous art works, journals and general art play have lead you to a point.

Happy arting everyone!


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Smash it in!

Over the summer I accidentally made a smash book. If you're not familiar with the term it's essentially like the old style scrapbooks - you glue down anything you think is cool, fun, interesting, linked to a memory, humorous etc.

However the term "Smash book" belongs to K and Co -check out this very short, fab video here.

I heard of the term smash book quite a lot via art journaling people but didn't really look into it until I saw some of K and Co's products at a local art shop. I then watched the above video and to my delight realised I already had my own smash book! Check out the pics below of what I had made up to that point:

London Trip page 1

               London Trip page 2

Using own photography 

I think because I also employ other media the lines between Smash booking and art journaling are a bit more blurred but I find this method such fun! It's also a way of using my altered book which I tried to use as my regular journal but didn't work out. The book is An Illustrated History of England and I love incorporating some of the images into my pages.

Cool stuff I like plus art play

A work in progress

So, why not have a go at Smash booking? Hark back to that child who lay on the carpet gluing odds and end into a scrapbook for the pure joy of it? 

Happy arting everyone!