Saturday, 18 January 2014

Pinning all my Hopes and Dreams

Hello everyone

I don't know about you but I'm a Pinterest addict. I totally adore that site and all my boards can be found here. I find it an incredible resource for so many aspects of my creativity and well being including quotes. I love words, beautiful, inspiring, delicious words - I'm a quotation magpie and while browsing my delectable collection I realised something. All the quotes I had pinned essentially encapsulated ME, the me of where I am currently up to at this point in my life. 

It was quite a realisation and so I spent time reading through all 117 pins to select the ones which resonated the most. I found 22 which hit the spot and only intending on writing them down in rough I ended up making some of them into mini doodles. I cut them out, laid them on the bed seeking out themes and links. 

The thread running through the whole collection was that of a fragile yearning to be truly allowed to be me. To able to live a creative, fulfilling life and have nothing hold me back. To seek out and celebrate the magic, the mystery and the beautiful. I think this encapsulates what my own art is to me and it is something repeated by many artists whom I greatly admire - Manet, The Impressionists, the great Post-Impressionist Van Gogh and the Pre-Raphaelites in particular. 

This all links up with my Uncharted Waters theme as this is me pushing myself beyond my own limits. I keep trying to do this in all areas of my art but particularly my smash booking which continues to be extremely fruitful. 

How do you seek to push yourself? 
How has your creativity provided insight into yourself? 

Happy arting everyone