Sunday, 21 July 2013

Order, order!

Lately, I've been doing quite a lot of organising - washing bedding and soft toys, sifting through the clutter in my 10 year old son's room and sorting out some of my art and craft supplies.
I love it.
I love to de-clutter and be organised.
I get excited when I get a new Ikea catalogue, see articles or, even better, pullouts on the topic and love the sense of peace it brings. Having a clear out is good for the soul, it's a purging, cathartic process. I also think it links to my love of art and design - finding that visual balance and harmony. It also impacts on my day-to-day life in that I find a lack of organisation frustrating, it can make me very stressed and so, if it's outside of my control, I'm having to learn to let it go.
So, when I came across a blog about how to alter your filofax/organiser I was immeditaly excited. I have a gorgeous organiser by Paperchase which I use regularly:

However, when I watched some youtube videos on this subject I realised I wasn't making the most of my organiser. Check out this one by Little Red Moose for starters :).
I had such fun altering my organiser making new sections and adding gorgeous washi (paper) tapes, stickers and cute paperclips. I'm genuinely making more of it now and am sure it will evolve as I go along.
Check out this photobucket link for the full set of pics.
So, why not have a go if you've got a similar organiser lying around just waiting to be altered?
Happy arting everyone

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