Sunday, 11 May 2014

Fate Loves the Fearless

I cannot believe January was my last post, that wonderful insight into my collection of quotes seems such a long time ago! It' s down to such a busy time owning to a recent change in my job with children ( I love my new role) and also my children's literature studies (which I also love and am currently rocking!)

I spend a lot of my time feeling that everything I'm doing -  my job, studies and my art, is all leading to something, that a bigger and better destiny awaits. I have long felt that this is all leading somewhere - a career in the arts? Writing and illustrating children's books? Publishing? Yet, is this a cultural idea, that we are all headed for greatness if we wait, work hard and/or 'believe' it will happen? 

Is this also a mere frivolous belief that fate is guiding me along to an unknown marvel, that perfect situation that perhaps I have not dreamt of yet but which will be where I'm 'meant' to be? What of the here and now? Is this not enough?  

 I do believe that if we want something badly enough we have to work at it, create situations which encourage it and draw it towards you if you will. It sounds a little New Age, but projecting out what you want into the Universe is a practical thing, you start attracting certain friends and connections, opportunities arise and sometimes you find yourself a step closer to what might be the 'dream' situation.

I work with young children and have stepped up the ladder recently, my setting is amazing and I'm so lucky but I don't always feel it is where I will be long term; so where does this come from? Is it fate nudging me along? All I know for sure is that things change very quickly, so who knows where the path will lead?   


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