Sunday, 17 August 2014

Ways of Seeing

Hey folks 

Hope you are all well.

I have had one of those blissful days, wandering my city alone this week. I purposefully set out to have some 'me' time, sit in cafes, makes some art, read and take photos. I did all of these things and more. 

It is amazing what the world can yield when you really LOOK. I took over 40 photos on my day out, because once you attune your eyes to that of an artist inspiration is truly EVERYWHERE.

It's funny because a book I bought the same day called "How to Be an Artist" by Michael Atavar told me the very same thing after I had snapped away and then sat down to peruse his book. 

Michael writes
 "Everything is your process and worthy of attention, so don't let anything skip your grasp. All is art and can be fuel for your artistic endeavours."

Eighteen months ago I bought Michael's other book "12 Rules for Creativity" and I highly recommend BOTH!

So, here is me doing just 
as my instinct told me...

An early lunch, spot of reading and sketching

A very happy couple having their wedding photos taken at my city's castle, I couldn't resist getting a sneaky snap :)

And I just had to take a pic of my spilt milk, it made an interesting shape on the tray and this of 1/3 images I took

These are but the tip of the Misty Mountains of what I snapped while out. 

I also sat myself down in my local art gallery which was hosting a World War I centenary exhibition and sketched a portrait of an RAF pilot from 1917. I was there and hour and a lot of people wandered past, no one said a thing to me but I do wonder if I may have inspired one of them to do the same? 

Get out there

Be seen making art

View everything with your creative eyes on

Make art

Be creative in whatever way suits you

There are NO limits, only the ones you let take root in your own mind!

Happy arting everyone


(credit to the marvellous PicMonkey free editing tool, mwah, love ya)

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