Saturday, 23 March 2013

Into a New Phase with Into the Mix!

Hello everyone

Welcome to Into the Mix with me, Elvina. I am so happy to have you here and have my own blog :).

After eighteen months of making mixed media art almost every day I've decided to take the plunge and create my own sideline business selling my art. This blog will document this process aswell as being a place of all things arty and general gorgeous loveliness. I have close friends who blog and have their own businesses and so I have a fabulous support network!

I have always been creative and arty and as a child my Dad encouraged me the most yet an up and down family life, teen years, college, marriage and kids all pushed it to one side. I found other outlets mainly creative writing but I dipped into cardmaking, drawing and a few other hands-on crafts until mixed media stole my heart in October 2011. It was then I discovered art journaling which changed my life! I encourage all artists - new, well seasoned or merely curious to delve into art journaling as it's an incredible journey for anyone creative. I shall be posting more about this in future blogs.

So, for now here's a small sample of my work:

Pencil work is something I love, it was where I started and I shall always go back to it. This is Castiel from my favourite tv show "Supernatural".

This is adapted from a magazine image of a stunning, natural model.

This is one of my favourite mixed media spreads.I love this style of working as I can explore with so many different textures, mediums and ideas. Art journaling is a very instinctive process but also a lot of fun.

One of the products I'm planning to sell is handmade/altered journals. This journal was altered from a children's filo-fax, again, I shall post more about this very soon.

This is the front cover of my first art journal altered in the shabby chic style and a sample of what I am planning to sell.
I am also making Russian Doll art which is being encouraged by my 7 year old daughter :).
My good friend at A loving touch (Facebook only atm but new website coming soon) makes the most amazing dolls and dinos. I am planning to develop a line of cards and artwork to compliment her makes! This is a card for my daughter's 7th birthday, she owns four of my friend's dolls :).
Phew, lots there in my first post! I am very excited by this journey and hope you can join me!

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