Monday, 25 March 2013

Random Art of Kindness

Hello folks

Just wanted to make another post to let you know of a fantastic art project being carried out by my fellow artist, known in art cricles as Head Krazy :). We met on artjournaling.ning and have struck up an incredible friendship ever since even though we're "an ocean away" :). HK and I Facebook message almost daily, exchange art and supplies in the post and regularly skype.

At the moment HK is giving away small samples of her art by leaving it in various public places. This RAK ("Random Art of Kindness) is in response to the generosity she has experienced from strangers, please read more about it here in her fantastic blog: :O)

I am so proud of HK, she's my soul sister and an all round life saver and I wish her all the very best with this wonderful project, so spread the word and why not have a go yourself? I know I'm thinking of how I could carry out my own RAK, just think how moved you would be if you found a little piece of art that had been waiting there to bring some joy into your life?

Journal page by HK placed here with kind permission :)

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