Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Where Has My Poetry Mojo Gone?

Hey everyone

As I blog this I’m in the middle of my exam revision for my OU module “Exploring Art and Visual Culture”. The module is broad art history 1100-present day, yep, a lot packed into nine months of part-time learning but I’ve kept going because I love the subject plus I’ve got fantastic support from my tutor, family and friends.

So, the other night I came across some of my old poetry. Yes, folks, this lady writes poetry too. I was most upset to discover I haven’t written one for TWO AND A HALF YEARS! I was gutted, like that part of my had been snuffed out. I sat there reeling, thinking “How did this happen?”

I have done creative writing as a hobby for ten years, I write short stories, have a few half finished novels and I still write when my studies allow but the poetry has severely slipped.

When I was in London recently, visiting all the galleries, I treated myself to three gorgeous Alice in Wonderland notebooks - one lined, squared and plain. Last night I cracked open the lined one and got scribbling thoughts and ideas for my poetry:


In October I’m going to be studying OU’s children’s literature module and I am So. Fricking. Excited! Once my up-and-coming exam is over I shall be delving into all those set books which include children’s poetry.

Oh, btw, here’s pics of the journal I was making for a friend’s daughter, it’s now in it’s home in Canada and the young lady loves it J

So, I’m hoping this summer should be one filled with beautiful words and gorgeous art.
Does poetry speak to you? Do you write it or have a favourite poet?
Happy arting everyone

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  1. What an interesting and thought-provoking post, Elvina! You have one very busy, yet interesting life! I am not a poet, but do enjoy poetry. In college, Sylvia Plath was one of my favorite writers/poets. Later in life, my husband became my favorite poet, as he wrote love poems both to and about me! So sweet! The journal you created is just gorgeous. I have made only one, and it was covered with scrapbooking paper. It was beautiful, but not as interesting as the one you have created! Good luck in your university finals, Elvina!


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