Sunday, 27 October 2013

Uncharted Waters

I recently decided to theme the second half of my art journal as "Uncharted Waters". While browsing the internet for themes this one leapt out at me - so much potential and so much imagery from oceans, ships,  pirates and mermaids to the healing power of water. There was also the idea of doing things I hadn't done before, pushing the boundaries and exploring. So exciting.
 Page one of themed section
of journal
The theme seems to be following me around as potential change arises in my every day life allowing me opportunties to embark on said uncharted waters...funny how that happens.
As for my art, well, yesterday I went for a medium I have been wanting to work with and hadn't gotten round to. Perhaps lack of time and also a lack on confidence. Here are day 1's results :)

Square canvas

 Rectangular canvas board

 I am so excited about this new way of working and have plans to keep exploring, keep pushing myself and ventured into the unknown. It's fantastic when you feel as if all your previous art works, journals and general art play have lead you to a point.

Happy arting everyone!



  1. You are certainly on a creative roll, Elvina!! Love the theme, "Uncharted Waters," as it does evoke a feeling in me of moving outside of one's comfort zone and trying the things, new media, new techniques! Love it. You canvases as both great, too, but I am enamored of your second one as I am such a "word nerd!" Well done, my friend, keep adventuring!

  2. Kay, as ever your kindness and encouragement overwhelm me! I haven't logged on since I last posted - studies, family and a new job have almost pulled me under. Yet, my theme of Uncharted Waters continues.


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