Saturday, 28 December 2013

The Journey Continues

Hello blogland

I haven't logged on since my last post in October with the mundane almost pulling me under but I'm still continuing with my theme of "Uncharted Waters". The theme continues to reveal itself as relevant more and more in all aspects of my life which is amazing if not a little spooky...

Entry two of my Uncharted Waters journal
"I Must be a Mermaid"

Over this Christmas break I had the great joy in being reunited with my best friend of old. Huge thanks to my friend who has read my blog and told me I must continue to post as I was feeling at a bit of a loose end with it. I am starting to wonder if it needs a focus? Or should I just enjoy documenting my journey? I have no idea where I'm going with it but isn't that also exciting? 

Entry three "Beautiful Freedom"

I feel as if I'm done with being afraid of the unknown and am choosing to set sail and see where the wind and waves take me. Wish me luck...

Happy arting everyone



  1. Oh, my, Elvina! Definitely do NOT focus. You need no boundaries to your creativity! If it takes you to "water therapy" just now, then that is your journey, but, when you are moved to journey elsewhere, you should be free to do so! Both these pieces art great, my friend. You are on a good path! Hugs! Kay

  2. Kay, as ever, you are my rock where this blog in concerned! I think you're so right, I will just flow along as I thought. Thanks for everything xxxxx


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