Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bardic Moments: An Age of Slumber

An Age of Slumber

The landscape like a sleeping woman lies.
Tresses of birch, oak and ash, sprawl and tumble
to her shoulder of rock,
curved hill of hip meets the horizon.
One slender ridge outstretched,
to cushion her weathered head.
To trek across path strewn feet,
ramble up grass swathed thigh
and clamber over hedge rowed breast.
To gently roust from infinite imaginings
and stare into fathomless eyes.
Elvina Dulac
September 2010


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    1. Oh, Kay, you're just such a star! Thanks so much for the wonderful comment on my previous post too. I've started writing poetry again, so there'll be more too come as soon as I can.


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