Monday, 24 June 2013

Blog Revamp!

Hey folks. Welcome to my new look blog! I’m really thrilled with it and loved revamping it now I’ve gotten to grips with blogger, so expect a few more tweaks over the next few weeks until I get it spot on.

I thought I’d start this new phase with sharing some thoughts on living in the city. Now, I live on the edge of a major UK city and don’t get me wrong I do love it. Most of the time. I love being able to hop on a bus and be in the hustle and bustle of city life within 25 mins full of shops, cafes, theatres and galleries. Yet, other times I feel totally stifled. I think it’s partly to do with also living in a very small house with a husband and two children. Since finishing my studies for this academic year I’ve felt an increased need to just disappear, to go on a retreat for a week and recuperate or at least have a room/place where I wont be disturbed. The closest I come to is my garage which acts as a make shift art studio. I disappeared in there yesterday for two hours and it was bliss!

As a family we also walk up to the local woods and fields because sometimes you’ve just got to breathe. Sometimes, you have to leave all the day-to-day crap behind and draw in some calm. Living so cramped together as well all do, even in you’re in a huge detached property, is not natural. Up until the last hundred and fifty years or so people lived much, more spaciously and life was also a lot slower paced. The modern world can be a tough place to exist but not if we take time to just seek out the calm and breathe…

These times of calm and reflection also provide inspiration for my art. How do you breathe?

Happy arting everyone

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  1. I am so blessed, Elvina, to have a dedicated "artsy" place on the 3rd floor of my over-100-year-old house in New England--Boston, in fact! But, I do know a young scrapper who lives with her parents and must keep all her artsy stuff in a suitcase, which she must drag out from under her bed to create, then must put it all away again when she is done. But, I will say this for her, she can definitely create some pretty marvelous stuff! And, you do, too, my friend. I have a lot of alone time when I can spend hours in my studio without interruption...and that is where and when I breathe!


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