Saturday, 6 September 2014

Bloom True Bootcamp continues

Hey everyone

I am catching up with the Flora Bowley Bloom True bootcamp this weekend, with day 3 "Gather your Supplies" and day 4 "Get Quiet"

Day 3:
My interpretation of this prompt surrounds looking at what my go-to supplies are, and why. Also, how I like to use them.

Here are my essential supplies, I could not function without them!

These are my bare minimum supplies. The other essentials are here:

Then of course we're getting into paints, decorative papers and all kinds of embellishment loveliness. I have reams of that stuff but the above is what I use the most.

I seem to be obsessed with spirals and circles. Always going back to them. Repeatedly. Unavoidably. They just fall out of the tool I am using, I cannot help but include them in almost every single piece:

I know circles and spirals have a vast amount of symbolism and meaning - 

circles can represent completion, wholeness, infinity, feminine power, unity and the sun. 

spirals can represent serpentine energy, fertility, movement, looking inward and descent into the self and much, much more.

I am pagan and so it makes sense for me to be drawn to these symbols, they pull me, draw me in and reveal depths within myself and will no doubt continue to do so. Here is my current WIP (work in progress) 

See what I mean?

I think Flora Bowley would say that I need to go with this flow, run with it, explore it fully and see where it leads :). 

Day 4:
"Get Quiet" saw me take myself to my fave coffee shop today for some real chill time. I took along all kinds of reading material, basic art supplies, and my new study materials for my next Open University module "Childhood". It was perfection. I love the peace in coffee shops, no one will bother me, I can set up "base camp" as I call it and just sup latte's and do my own thing. Perfection.

Chilled loveliness!

Looking forward to delving into the next prompts, whoop!

Happy arting everyone!

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