Sunday, 14 September 2014

Mandala Magic and Embracing the Sensual!

Hey everyone

Just doing a little catching up with the Flora Bowley Bloom True Bootcamp prompts 

Prompt 9
Mandala magic:

I was not sure how to go about this, I did know I wanted to use pebbles some how or other and ended up painting on one using acrylics. I then immediately painted a similar one into my art journal. I found the whole process very pure in all senses, and am looking forward to creating more mandalas maybe on canvas.

The coloured beads (orange, pink, yellow and the hidden green) were left for me by my daughter in a pretend tea-set tea cup and so I used her gesture for inspiration for my pallet for today...

Prompt 10
Embrace the sensual:

Seeing as I already had a pallet of half used paints just sitting there, I decided to delve in and take Flora's suggestion to have a go at embracing the sensual through finger painting. I work with young children and so this is something I do frequently, though not for me. It was a liberating experience, especially when you remember to select colours that wont mix and end up giving you brown sludge!

I had a blast doing this and may layer it, write on it - perhaps my creative manifesto...who knows?

Really looking forward to the next lot of prompts! 

Happy arting everyone xx


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