Tuesday, 2 September 2014

What rituals surround my art?

Hello everyone

So, yesterday Flora Bowley announced her "Bloom True Boot Camp" which sees Flora release 7 prompts at the start of each week of September, giving one prompt a day. Flora does not expect you to do them all, but choose what speaks to the individual. Active participation and dedication also gets you in with a chance of winning one of ten places on her "Bloom True e-course"

However, I would be motivated to do the boot camp without the added bonus of possibly winning the e-course. This week's prompts are beautiful, simple, inspiring and perfect.

In this post I shall merge day 1 "Invite the Sacred"and 2 "Prepare your Space" these both link to something I have already been considering "What rituals surround my art?"

So, thinking about both prompts I stood back and considered 
  • how does spirituality and sacredness come into my art 
  • what rituals I undertake when making it in the space I have carved out for myself
I view myself as a spirituality aware person, I see my art as a way of expressing all that exists within me including the "Divine", as well as the joy of playing with the materials.

For me, great art is that which explores beauty in all it's facets - and beauty has obvious links with the spiritual and sacred does it not?

"Women of the Earth" 
Summer 2013

As for what rituals I undertake when I prepare my space, I have a kind of process which sets me up nicely:
  • shut bedroom door!
  • cover bed with purple throw-over
  • set up music on laptop
  • put my hair up
  • apron on
  • supplies out
  • work in progress set up on bed so I can look at it and decided where to go from there. 
With a new project/piece I just get stuck in and see where it takes me. I either sit on the bed or kneel next to it on a cushion. I also sometimes sit on a stool next to the bed and lean on it like a table. My secret is TRAYS! I could not survive with them!

In considering what rituals surround my art it's also about the process, how do I work, what techniques do I return to again and again, ditto what patterns, shapes and colours? This will be discussed in the next post about supplies which is covered in day 3 :).

Happy arting everyone!


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  1. Love you babe, thanks for sharing with me! I'm prepping my space now!


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