Monday, 8 April 2013

Back to Business Monday - Week 1 CAPI

  Welcome to my first "Back to Business Monday", every Monday I'll blog about how setting up my business "Into the Mix" is going... 
In order to set myself up under the business “Into the Mix” I need products, stuff to sell, wares to wield, gorgeous loveliness to brandish and my own unique art to unleash upon the world. Ok, but first I need to nail my own STYLE. Hmmm, not as easy and obvious as it sounds. I looked at my work in the new year and realised I didn’t have a core style and this is where CAPI 2013 came in.
CAPI stands for “Create Art Portfolio Ideas” and is a free online art course by the wonderful Milliande. The course is all about drawing out your own unique style, it’s a slow paced course you can join at any time and you can follow it on Milliande’s site, the CAPI Facebook group and at The CAPI ning group. The accompanying videos are available on Youtube and there’s also stuff on Pinterest! Phew, lots to see and do!
I wont blah on about the assignments, the different sketchbooks and files you’re encouraged to keep and so on, I’ll leave that to Milliande! However, I will post some of my work in stages so you get an idea of the process:


Early stage free-association drawing where you pick out forms and shapes to work with. I picked this one as it looks like a woman with a flowing dress.


Developing the form and on this photo you can see a woman which most resembles that original form.

Starting to test her out in different mediums...

Oil pastel.


Now she has some friends...

I can see these becoming a series on greetings cards and prints too. I LOVE these figures and find them so effortless to create. I love how they link to the natural world and are so simple in design.

So, watch this space, folks.


  1. Great topic and post, will really enjoy watching your progress. The Millande course sounds great, but all coursed (and spent) out now cant do anymore, probably this year. Your woman is lovely, yes I can deffo see her on prints, cards and maybe mugs?

  2. Thanks, Lynda! Mugs, too, I love it :). The CAPI course is something you can join at anytime and it's FREE. I know what you mean, you can get a bit of burn out with courses but this is my first online one and Milliande is incredible.


  3. thanks Elvina, didnt know it was 'free' thats amazing. Must look into that one then. Milliande is a great place to start with courses. I am currently on Christy's Art Journal Course, and signed up to Andrea Gomell Faceinating in May.

    Christy's courses are amazing, the art journal one is the best, Christy shares all her skills on the course. (you know Christy from Art Geeks, I can never spell her surname without looking it up LOL)


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