Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Back to Business Wednesday Week 2 Making Stock

I know, I said this would be on a Monday but heck things are so crazy around here I’m lucky to be blogging at all. As a mum, wife, deputy manager in a pre-school and mature student with the Open University life is pretty hectic. I am currently building up to my last assignment and then exam in June. The summer will so be delicious with no work and studies but filled with art and family time! I CAN’T WAIT.

The summer will see me develop my logo for "Into the Mix" (I have a baseline image) and also create some stock. For my initial run I shall be making journals both altered and from scratch. I need a starting point and instead of getting lost in the millions of ideas I have I am focusing on journal making. I have caught the bug and just love creating what I hope will be a magical place for someone to create beautiful art. As I’ve mentioned before I have recently made a journal for my soul sister HK in Canada, here are some pics of that:


As you can see I have left pages incomplete for HK to fill in as she chooses which was so much fun J .

I am now making one for her 11 year old daughter as a surprise, here’s some pics:


HK's daughter loves all things ancient Greek, so I drew my favourite Greek deity Persephone.



The sticking point is adapting them for general sale, so this summer will see me doing lots of playing and experimenting as well as drawing upon the knowledge of the journal making queen Jennibellie. 

Gotta run, I have a journal to finish.

Happy arting everyone

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  1. Elvina, these journals are magical! I would certainly spend more time making these journals. It seems to be your "grounding" point in art! Way to take leap of faith!!


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