Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Continuing to Move Past the Fear

Hey folks
Just over a week ago I blogged ("Moving Past the Fear" - Mon 1st April) about my canvas piece, the process of taking a leap and being brave enough to delve in thanks to the guidance of Flora Bowley. I spent a couple of hours on it on Sunday, as a well done to myself for working hard on my latest assignment, and here's the progress:

It was a frustrating session at times, it did't flow as well as it had on previous days but I took it steady, experimented a bit and it worked out well in the end. I can see where it's going now and feel a tree is emerging on the left and the woman on that side with her baby on her back needs highlighing in lilac. It's good to have plans to go back to when you finish a painting session. As I struggled I also reminded myself this was my first canvas and to just enjoy the ride, see what the paints can do and how brilliant this canvas will be to look back on in a few years :).
Happy arting everyone


  1. Great Painting, thought I detected some 'Flora' in there:)

  2. Just keep painting.. Just keep painting.... P.sherman wallaby way, Sydney Australia ... You'll get there, and have fab adventures along the way darling!!!!


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