Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Make it Snappy!

As well as mixed media and acrylic, I love photography. I’m getting into this more and more as I use my humble phone camera to snap images from my environment. I especially enjoy natural places such as woodland and local/country parks. Yet, as I take more pictures I have begun to notice the quirks in the city too, things catch my photographer’s eye and suddenly I have an interesting image.

A fellow mature student and photography enthusiast was discussing how people have said he must miss a lot of his environment as he’s too busy taking photographs, he replied it was quite the opposite. Indeed, you do noticed so much more behind the lens and everything has the potential to end up as a snap, a captured moment, a piece of art…Special thanks to the amazing Courtney Brook aka Little Raven Ink for starting me on the road to photography last year. Courtney encourgaes you to snap everything: your breakfast, your favourite mug, the sky, your feet while out soon start to have the confidence to take pics of everything.

What's down the path? Where does it lead?
Nature reclaiming.
Here be dragons...
Childhood loveliness. Just look at those bubbles...
"Legal" graffiti at a contemporary art gallery :)
So start TODAY!
Happy snapping everyone!


  1. Hi, Elvina! Looks like your photography skills are right up their with your other artistic endeavors! Love those bubbles in that strawberry milk shake! Also love the quote about your best friend!! I may have to use that one! Now, you asked where to get waxed the U.S. we can buy it at the grocery store. I have heard that you can buy it abroad, but it is "waxed" only on one side, so that side goes down onto your gesso. Hope that helps a wee bit!

  2. Thanks, Kay :). I am so in love with taking pics, such fun. I forgot you were in the US! Not sure what the UK equivilant is, will look into it xxxx

  3. oh, what lovely pics... i'd love to take a stroll down that first path and that milkshake looks delicious!! xox


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